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About Solartuff

SolarTuff - Solar Water Heater was established in 2011 to meet the demand for hot water usage oriented towards environmentally friendly “Green Energy” conservation. With renewable technology researched by German scientists who carry the 'Vacuum Tube' technology, SolarTuff immediately dominates the middle market who wants quality products at competitive prices.

The 'Vacuum Tube' technology has the advantage of replacing the previous technology which still relies a lot on electrical energy to help its performance. Round and vacuum glass tube design, effectively absorbs solar energy all day long and prevents heat loss, which is difficult to obtain from products with conventional technology.

"Indirect compact pressurized with stainless steel coil" is a type of solar water heater that is very suitable for the tropical climate which is abundant with solar energy. Pressurized water, minimal electrical energy, minimal maintenance, and competitive prices are the reasons why this type is most widely used by consumers around the world today.

In terms of quality, the SolarTuff manufacturing company which has passed the ISO 9001 certificate test, CE Certificate, ICC-SRCC, and Solar Keymark Certificate provide 3-years of spare parts warranty, 10-years service warranty, and 20-years glass tube special warranty, which guarantees that SolarTuff product is a trusted premium product.

The guaranteed after-sales service has also been a testament to the seriousness of SolarTuff as a manufacturer in providing maximum comfort and peace to consumers while using this product. Join our loyal customers to experience more benefits that are not obtained from old conventional products.